Etching a distinct name in modern poetry Sam Barai and Samir Barai has now marched a step ahead with a novel idea of symbolism. In their new poem ‘we three’ they have painted a never visited picture of loneliness and agony.

The poem stands as a remarkable piece of deep and enthralling passion feature idealy amidst eloquent writing. Readers like the idea of personaying emotion and that’s what Sam Barai and Samir Barai has done with their new range of poems. Emotions that plague us all-love, sadness, rejection has been yet again etched nicely in Sam Barai’s writing. The staggering line “ I still bank on my sanity than looking for that tall man with that angular hat… Mr. Help” ushers in a deep mood of rejection.

Although heart cries for the long lost friend but it is mind which stops the wandering soul. It’s sanity which has been placed at a higher level in this wonderful poem.A strong and well written idea, portrayed with immense perfection and clarity,’ we three’ indeed stands as the signature creation by Sam Barai and Samir Barai.